jar janux-api 0.4.02-SNAPSHOT API

biz.janux.geography The biz.janux.geography package aims to support the handling and storing of Postal Addresses in the context of managing contact methods for Person and Organizations; in the future, it may be extended to provide functionality for searching by geographic coordinates; the functionality of this package is exposed via the GeographyService Service Facade.
biz.janux.people The biz.janux.people package represents Persons and Organizations using the key concept of a Party, which makes it possible to treat Person and Organizations interchangeably in the context of a contract, a business relationship or other relationships that may be entered between people and organization.
biz.janux.people.net The biz.janux.people.net package that contains classes representing the network-based forms of ContactMethods, namely Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI), and its subclasses Email and Uniform Resource Locators (URL).
org.janux.bus.persistence The org.janux.bus.persistence package is an infrastructure package that contains the key Persistent interface that represents common fields that are defined across persistent entities; this package also contains abstract interfaces for various flavors of Data Access Objects.
org.janux.bus.processor The org.janux.bus.processor package contains simple interfaces for classes that perform transformations in the context of a Service Bus; for example, serializing or formatting an object into a String, or parsing a String into an object.
org.janux.bus.security The org.janux.bus.security package, soon to be renamed the org.janux.authorization package, contains interfaces that define a very flexible Permission-Based scheme for doing Authorization within an application; this scheme makes it possible to define whatever permissions suit a specific domain, and aggregate them into existing or new roles without having to make code changes; the key interfaces of this package are PermissionsCapable, Account, Role, and PermissionContext.
org.janux.util The org.janux.util package contains handy utilities that we have collected along the way.


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