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Packages that use Sorteable The package, soon to be renamed the org.janux.authorization package, contains interfaces that define a very flexible Permission-Based scheme for doing Authorization within an application; this scheme makes it possible to define whatever permissions suit a specific domain, and aggregate them into existing or new roles without having to make code changes; the key interfaces of this package are PermissionsCapable, Account, Role, and PermissionContext

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 interface PermissionContext
          A PermissionContext represents a set of individual Permissions defined for a specific business context; for example, a PermissionContext named 'PERSON' may define five Permissions with names 'READ', 'UPDATE', 'CREATE', 'DISABLE', 'PURGE', that define the kind of operations on Persons that may be restricted by the security system.
 interface Role
          Roles are hierarchical constructs that aggregate Permissions and other Roles and make it possible to compose a base set of Permissions in the following manner: a ROLE_PRODUCT_MANAGER Role may be created comprising Create/Read/Update/Delete Permissions to Product objects a ROLE_CONTENT_MANAGER may be created comprising Create/Read/Update/Delete Permissions to marketing content, a ROLE_STORE_MANAGER may be created that encompasses all Permissions of the ROLE_PRODUCT_MANAGER AND ROLE_CONTENT_MANAGER a ROLE_SUPERVISOR may be created that encompasses the ROLE_STORE_MANAGER plus the permission to publish content.

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