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Packages that use PermissionsCapable The package, soon to be renamed the org.janux.authorization package, contains interfaces that define a very flexible Permission-Based scheme for doing Authorization within an application; this scheme makes it possible to define whatever permissions suit a specific domain, and aggregate them into existing or new roles without having to make code changes; the key interfaces of this package are PermissionsCapable, Account, Role, and PermissionContext

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Subinterfaces of PermissionsCapable in
 interface Account
          Represents a login account in the application, could also have been called a User or a Principal, see more below.
 interface Role
          Roles are hierarchical constructs that aggregate Permissions and other Roles and make it possible to compose a base set of Permissions in the following manner: a ROLE_PRODUCT_MANAGER Role may be created comprising Create/Read/Update/Delete Permissions to Product objects a ROLE_CONTENT_MANAGER may be created comprising Create/Read/Update/Delete Permissions to marketing content, a ROLE_STORE_MANAGER may be created that encompasses all Permissions of the ROLE_PRODUCT_MANAGER AND ROLE_CONTENT_MANAGER a ROLE_SUPERVISOR may be created that encompasses the ROLE_STORE_MANAGER plus the permission to publish content.

Methods in that return PermissionsCapable
 PermissionsCapable RoleDao.newRole()
          Deprecated. returns a new Role instance
 PermissionsCapable RoleDaoGeneric.newRole()
          returns a new Role instance

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