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Packages that use PartyName
biz.janux.people The biz.janux.people package represents Persons and Organizations using the key concept of a Party, which makes it possible to treat Person and Organizations interchangeably in the context of a contract, a business relationship or other relationships that may be entered between people and organization. 

Uses of PartyName in biz.janux.people

Subinterfaces of PartyName in biz.janux.people
 interface OrganizationName
          Simple bean to store the name of an Organization
 interface PersonName
          Simple bean to store the name of a Person

Methods in biz.janux.people that return PartyName
 PartyName Party.getPartyName()
          The name(s) by which this Party is known; sub-classes may implement this in different ways; for Persons, for example, it may the concatenation of the first and last name, while for an Organization it may be a short name or legal name

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