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biz.janux.people The biz.janux.people package represents Persons and Organizations using the key concept of a Party, which makes it possible to treat Person and Organizations interchangeably in the context of a contract, a business relationship or other relationships that may be entered between people and organization. The package, soon to be renamed the org.janux.authorization package, contains interfaces that define a very flexible Permission-Based scheme for doing Authorization within an application; this scheme makes it possible to define whatever permissions suit a specific domain, and aggregate them into existing or new roles without having to make code changes; the key interfaces of this package are PermissionsCapable, Account, Role, and PermissionContext

Uses of Party in biz.janux.people

Classes in biz.janux.people with type parameters of type Party
 interface PartyDaoGeneric<T extends Party>
          Used to create, save, retrieve, update and delete Party objects from persistent storage

Subinterfaces of Party in biz.janux.people
 interface Organization
 interface Person
          represents a physical Person in a variety of contexts

Methods in biz.janux.people that return Party
 Party PartyDao.load(Integer id)
          Deprecated. loads a Party object from persistence using its id

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Methods in that return Party
 Party SecurityService.findByAccount(Integer accountId)
 Party AccountParty.getParty()
 Party AccountPartyDaoGeneric.getParty(Integer accountId)

Methods in with parameters of type Party
 void AccountParty.setParty(Party party)

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