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Packages that use Contacteable
biz.janux.people The biz.janux.people package represents Persons and Organizations using the key concept of a Party, which makes it possible to treat Person and Organizations interchangeably in the context of a contract, a business relationship or other relationships that may be entered between people and organization. 

Uses of Contacteable in biz.janux.people

Subinterfaces of Contacteable in biz.janux.people
 interface Organization
 interface Party
          Organization and people have common characteristics that describe them, such as addresses, phone numbers and email addresses; they can also play similar roles as parties to contracts, such as buyers/sellers, client/provider, etc; this interface is the super type for the Person and Organization interfaces and provides a mean to refer to their implementing classes as a whole
 interface Person
          represents a physical Person in a variety of contexts

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