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What is Janux?

Janux is an open source integration tool that aims to make it easy to interconnect disparate software systems into a single logical application.

One of our core beliefs is that business problems tend to change at a much smaller pace than the technology du-jour, and that we should thus focus on describing elegant solutions to common business problems that can be re-used in a variety of contexts, languages and platforms.

The goal of the project is to provide a set of models and service facades that are language-agnostic, and can interoperate with applications written in other languages via web services or other messaging mechanisms. These concerns are closely aligned to ideas such as standardizing common business objects (such as a Postal Address) via microformats, or creating a 'Universal Business Model', though our focus is more on elegance and re-usability than standardization and universality.

In its initial implementation, the project provides a set of web services to create, store and search entities representing person and organizations (see Janux People), as well as provide a flexible permission-based scheme for authorizing the user accounts that may be associated with specific persons (see Janux Authorization).

Janux currently takes the form of:

Janux People

High-level design of biz.janux.people package

Janux Authorization

High-level design of org.janux.bus.security package